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Counterfeit Warning

Do Not Buy From

Know The Facts
1. WYA America and WYA Europe are selling counterfeit electronic components under the Infineon brand, and more-than-likely, under many other brand names.
2. They are not, despite their claims, distributors of high-quality products. They are scammers from Africa.
3. They are registered as an LLC in Wyoming, but the location is an empty storefront that has a multitude of businesses registered to it.
4. The counterfeiters use aliases. The most often used are Will Yao or Will Yao Achina or Hon Will, and Perry De-Graft Coffie.
5. WYA American and WYA Europe have been reported to Infineon, federal agencies and industry watch groups.
6. We’re happy to provide more detail to anyone who’s interested.
7. Please share. Our industry can do with one less counterfeiter.

Here is the empty storefront address that is posted on
WYA America's Contact Us Page

See below images of the counterfeiters from social media pages.

Once again, if you would like more information,
we would be more than happy to provide it.
Unfortunately, we were a victim of these counterfeiters,
and we simply don't want anyone else to go through this.
See our contact information below.

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